EXP Spending Closed, Draft Announcements, and Skills Comp by FHL

Hello yo all Commissioners, Managers, and Player. I hope your off-season has been going well and hope you are getting ready for the Draft. Here are some announcements in the run up to it.

EXP Spending Closed

At this time, the deadline for Spending EXP from Season 3 has now closed. Any submitted spending notes are now locked for the player, and will be their stat line going into the next season. Any player who has not submitted spending notes and who have not elected to keep their EXP until next season(of which there were very few) will have their experience converted to GP and spent by the commissioners on the players in a "4-3-2-1" system.

Retirements Closed

While there was one exception, the Deadline for retiring players during the off-season has now passed. Any player who wishes to retire from the league from this point on will be kept in play until the end of Season 4. This is to avoid complications during the Draft or the Season due to a lost player.

Season 4 FHL Draft

As mentioned in the previous journal, the Draft for Season 4 of the FHL will begin at Noon Eastern Time on Saturday, August the 16th. At the current time, it is expected that the draft will be comprised of 7 rounds, plus a small free agency round for any remaining players available.

Each round will consist of 16 picks, each to which a team will have a deadline of an hour after the previous pick to make. If a team decides to make a pick early, the next team may make their pick anytime between then and the deadline. If however, a team does not make a pick before the deadline, their pick will be delayed, and the next team in the round my make their pick. This delay will continue until either the team makes a selection or has information given to the commissioners to make the pick.

It is advised to all GMs that they submit a Draft List to the FHL page before the draft, in case they are not available at the time that their pick comes up during each round, so that the commissioners have information to work from should a GM or AGM be unavailable to make a pick and thus avoid a delay.

A few people have asked about a Draft Scouting list. An updated journal with a link will be posted when one is available.

Jack Knight's Skills Competition

FHL Player and Seattle Guardians Assistant Manager Jack Knight has offered to do a skills competition during the off-season, pitting species against species, and rookie against rookie! More information will be available at a later time, and results will be posted on the FHL page when completed

EXP Spending Closed, Draft Announcements, and Skills Comp


10 August 2014 at 11:44:12 MDT

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