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Cóyotl Awards - 1 week left for voting & nominations! by furwritersguild

Members, there's just one week left now to get in your votes for the 2013 awards (for works published in 2012) and your nominations for the 2014 awards (for works published in 2013).

Participation has been better than previous, but it's still not at the level we're hoping for. Please take this opportunity to recognize the talent and hard work of your peers! Every vote and every nomination makes a difference, even if you're not voting or nominating in every category.

The voting form for the 2013 awards is here.

The nomination form for the 2014 awards is here.

If you can't remember what was published in 2013 and thus eligible for nomination, we've got a thread just for you in the forums right here.

And if you have any trouble with the website (it can be a little slow sometimes), you can also send your votes and nominations in to

You've got until next Friday, August 8 to get your votes and nominations in, but please don't wait!

Cóyotl Awards - 1 week left for voting & nominations!


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