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This is the official FurAffinity page for the Furry Writers' Guild! Our website is located at, and we're also on Twitter FurWritersGuild

Founded in 2011 by Sean "Duroc" Silva, the purpose of the Furry Writers' Guild is to promote quality writing in anthropomorphic fiction and to inform, elevate, and support its creators. We are a collection of authors around the world, across demographic and genre lines, from professional authors to those just starting out, all bound together by an interest in anthropomorphic animal characters--furries--in fiction.

We feature various resources for furry writers, most of which are also open for non-members to utilize as well! We have our Telegram and Discord groups to congregate in which are perfect for discussing writing, beta reading stories, networking, and of course making friends. We maintain the Furry Writers' Market to help writers find venues to publish their works as well as feature posts on our blog surrounding writing topics.

Each year, we also administer the Cóyotl Awards to recognize excellence in anthropomorphic literature and promote quality writing within the furry fandom. Nominations and voting for the awards are only open to FWG Members.

Interested in joining the guild? Please see the membership requirements at our website:


Furry Writers' Guild

Latest Journal

FWG By-laws and Code of Conduct Official Vote

Hello again Furry Writers’ Guild members! We have allowed discussions to take place surrounding our previously suggested by-laws and code of conduct on the forums as planned and taken time after to formulate our newly suggested changes based on member feedback. With this in mind, it’s time to bring this to a vote! A link to the voting form will be included at the end of this blog post. Let’s get to it shall we?

We wish to bring to a vote an update to our by-laws. You can view our current by-laws here: We discussed why they needed updating in our previous post. The amended by-laws being brought up for vote can be found here: All changes are highlighted in red.

We also wish to strengthen our Code of Conduct. Our current Code of Conduct can be found here: Based on suggestions from our members we have made the following changes:

Made an Unacceptable Conduct section with specific wording to protect subjects discussed in works of fiction
Removed specific language that looked to be policing kinks
Better detailed the process for filing complaints
We would like to offer a general content warning as some of these things listed in the Unacceptable Conduct section might be triggers for some within our community. The full listing, alongside the changes we wish to make to the Code of Conduct can be found here: Changes to the Code of Conduct are highlighted in red.

We would now like to bring these amendments up for a vote! Voting will remain open for two weeks, from May 16th through May 30th. The link below will take you to the official voting form.

FWG By-Laws And Code of Conduct Voting Form:

Thank you again so much to all the FWG members that provided feedback and to everyone voting on these proposals. We’ll have an announcement on the results out to you all once the voting period is over.

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