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Last Comic Updates by Zeta-Haru

Hi there, I'm listing here the latest changes/updates I've done related to my comic Weekend so you can know what happened in case you missed something, and what to expect in the next days.

• Updates I've done:

  • Page 6 and 7 blank backgrounds were changed, I accidently forgot to turn off a yellowish grey layer before saving those pages and it's fixed now.

  • Page 6 text was fixed, the word "using" was changed to "wearing".

  • Page 20 was posted, as you probably saw.

  • Daniel Segja's concept/reference sheet was updated to what he looks in the comic (removed spot on chest and black fur on tail).

  • I am now organizing the files that will go in the special pack for the comic.

• Coming Updates:

  • Comic cover will be created and posted.

  • Weekend Comic digital pack will be complete and released after the cover is posted.

  • I'll be working on getting this comic to have physical copies available for those who want, will probably take more than a month for this to happen, and is not confirmed.

  • I'll open for commissions this week and close it within a range of 3 days, you'll have plenty of time to see that I'm open and submit a form.

And that's it! The info about this comic pack and what's going to be in it will be in its description when released so, there's not much else to talk about x3 I want to say thanks one more time for the great support I received on this! <3 thanks!

Last Comic Updates


30 July 2014 at 03:36:35 MDT

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