National Moth Week! And NEW SHOPS! by MothMonarch

Moth Week
If you haven't already heard, it's National Moth Week! Awesome! Check out to find out more - ditch the misconceptions and find out how cool these bugs really are! While we're at it, I'm celebrating with a sale in my shop on loads of stuff from original art to prints and sweet merch like the bugdana! Get your stuff before the week ends and party like a bug!

And since some people asked, I'm offering some slots in honor of moth week to have your character DRAWN AS A MOTH! I'll take your ref, pick a species or shape of moth that suits your character, and throw them in an art blender to give you something AWESOME. Deets:


  • You give me $25 and a ref image/sheet! Please make sure it is a clear ref! Note any changes/inaccuracies! And mark the link NSFW if it is!
  • I will sketch you as a moth in my bug style! With nice pencils and clean, digital flats!
  • You get a web-size file and a high res scan in case you feel like printing that bad boy/girl/other! Since it's a sketch, I will draw it straight through; no changes please. Don't worry, you'll look totally rad as a bug! :D

Drop me a line via note or email if interested! I've done a bunch but still have room for more! If you are already a moth, I can just draw you straight up... or maybe as a different bug if you want!

New Shops!!
Recently I got rolling with Teepublic to start offering shirts! I also got accepted to Design By Humans (wow!) and am in the process of setting up there. At the moment you can grab my new design, i n f e r n o, at Teepublic and DBH. OH, AND version f l a m e h e a r t is available on lots of different phone cases at DBH! You can even get a sweet adaptation of Moon Over Water from either site! Hot dang!

More of my art will be available over the next while in both shops as shirts, art prints, and other merch! So check back!

Cue the Queue
All of my Anthrocon orders are wrapped up!

  1. Lightning bugs sketch for Kittre: - in progress
  2. Mothify me! for NodgeFalec - DONE
  3. Mothify me! for Frysco - DONE
  4. Mothify me! for Daom - PAID
  5. Mothify me! (digital only) for Witchiebunny - pending
  6. Finish painting for timber.wolf - pending

National Moth Week! And NEW SHOPS!


24 July 2014 at 10:57:16 MDT

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