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Fursuit Ideas by Kittrel

I always have way more ideas than time, but I just can't help myself! One of Skippy and my favorite "games" to play on long car rides is think of new and interesting fursuits that haven't been done yet that we'd love to have. On the way home from AC we came up with an amazing concept for a pair of fursuits. Well, maybe not "fur" suits. We have come up with lightning bug characters!

If we go for it, poor Wish will be on the backburner yet again (but I'm ok with this!). I will keep working at a Kittrel partial in bits and pieces and will try to keep up with repairs to Brie of course. New characters are sooooo fun though.

In other news, I seem to have accumulated a bunch of work, which is amazing. I have been keeping track in a notebook but am wondering if Trello or a giant whiteboard would be more useful. I know a bunch of you use Trello - is it worth the learning curve? Is there a cel phone app so it can be accessed when not at the computer?

Fursuit Ideas


8 July 2014 at 13:58:11 MDT

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    Awesome idea for a suit. Will need transparent pockets of some kind to hold all the glow sticks.
    No experience with Trello but I use google docs for things I need to keep in sync.