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Comic Thoughts (Question form inside) by Zeta-Haru

I took this day off to read and search more about things such as RedBubble, Patreon agreement terms, and how it works, to think if I should try out a 1 month Ad on FA for the comic, if it's going to be worth or not, considering all the publicity it already got, and searching for a way to sell physical copies of my "Weekend" comic when it ends. Basically I want to know your opinion about a bunch of stuff. Let me start~

  • Comic Related -

• Physical Copies: A few people asked me if I was planning on releasing a physical copy of my ongoing "Weekend" comic, and I would love to! But I really don't have the means to do it myself, I also don't know the tools I could use. From what I read, RedBubble doesn't work with comics or pornography, so I would need another way to make it possible. I explored a bit of but I couldn't find some answers, it didn't look trustworthy for me, but I never used it though, and they don't accept Paypal payments apparently, which makes things even less viable.

If you know any other way some artist used, or anything that could help me make it possible, please tell me, I would really like to make it real.

Also, if you were interested on buying one, how much would you be willing to pay? (you don't need to answer this here, there will be a form in the end of this journal for you to fill anonymously)

• Digital Sale: This probably wouldn't be effective as a digital sale, the only never seen/exclusive content would be the original high resolution pages, and maybe the sketching/coloring process of every page. It would help me like donations helped, the difference is that with the high res sale, I can give those who wants to help more, something extra. And also the chance to print a physical good quality copy themselves in case I can't start a physical sale myself.

How much would you be willing to pay for a digital copy?

• Advertising: I tried this in the past with commissions and it was really helpful, but I wasn't very known in the community before, and my comic is breaking some of the records I have for views and favorites, it apparently also brought me plenty of watchers in every site I'm uploading it, so it might not be as good as I think to invest on this. But it could bring it even more publicity and donations, which are good. I wanted to know your opinion.

  • Extra Projects/Sales Related -

• RedBubble: Like I mentioned at the start of the journal, I was taking a look at and I think it can be very useful for me, I might not have the material I want to use for this yet, but it is indeed a good tool to sell things related to me and my art while not having the work of managing the whole making and selling of the products.

• Patreon: I wrote a journal about it last time ( and I really don't think it's the best tool for me, because I'd rather keep working like I do, with commissions, full images, sales, and no constant projects like comics and comic sequels (I wouldn't like to use Patreon for projects that I will rarely start) But I could give away my high res artwork images and sketches by Patreon while still making art pack sales and such, I wouldn't rely on this income if I'm focusing on something else of course, but it can be useful as a tip jar and an update tool for those who like to pay and don't like to wait for art packs.

• Art Packs: I released one before, and the sales were really nice, it would help me to save money like I saved for my trip to see Gabe back then, they weren't expensive. And now that I'm using for this, it makes me want to sells packs more regularly, I would start with a 6 month pack, I would release them twice a year, high res .png images, sketches, scraps I don't post, progress shots, just like before, but now with more recent artwork.


That is pretty much it, what I'm looking for here is info, if you know anything that could help me to achieve my goals, any good suggestion for my art, anything you want to share, you want to see from me, etc.

Thanks for filling the form! They helped me with decisions before and are being a great tool for your opinion guys.

Sorry if I don't really look professional by asking for help and knowledge like this, but I barely started on this haha, it's been a year, but that's just the start, and I'm still this 18 year old boy lol

And thanks for all the help and info you can share. For your time too. <3

Comic Thoughts (Question form inside)


25 June 2014 at 16:18:50 MDT

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