This is a review of my first Anthrocon by Witchiebunny

(This is a review of Anthrocon 2004 from the perspective of 20 year old me, experiencing her first furry convention. Enjoy.)

Never in my life have I been so proud to be a furry. It was nothing I can describe! Like kindred spirits, it was awesome!

I got to meet the Mab (props to Miss Mab, who is teh uber cool), Dave and Katie (Congrats you two!!), Rafe, DB, T......and STAN SAKAI!! O. M. F. G. I got a SKETCH of Usagi Yojimbo IN my sketchbook.

FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!


unclekage has proven to be VERY cool...though he did this weird Star Trek thing where
he kept popping up in places where it was like physically impossible for him to be because
I'd just seen him a few moments before on the TOTAL other side of the room and I never saw him
pass me.

I got to meet Bill Holbrook. HE IS TEH AWESOME!!!

And I got to see 2_gryphon do his routine. OMG it was like Rolling on the floor after falling out of my chair and pissing myself funny!!

All in all, a very successful venture that has resulted in two things.

One, I'm retooling my entire webcomic to make it a furry comic. This'll take time, but as soon as I have enough paper I'll have more than enough to begin going on.

Two, I've discovered that I am a TERRIBLE ham. So I've decided to become a fursuiter. More for the entertainment purposes than anything else. ^.^;;
And that is....well about it.

This is a review of my first Anthrocon


24 June 2014 at 06:30:14 MDT

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