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Naturama Project - Help the Blopps to save our animals! by SiranaJHelena


You might have heard about this before or read a journal I wrote a few months ago.
Many Artists from "Naturama Project", a charity project wich supports several programs to protect our animals, is still offering commissions. Digital and traditional art, even crafts and literature!
Have a look at its website if you'd like to spend a few Euros or Dollars to help them!
Naturama Project - Click here for further information

As you might have already guessed: I am offering a slot, too. ;)

Maybe you remember the "Blopps", a simple creature I invented last autumn. Blopps are small creatures with a basic shape of a flexible ninepin and a wide variation of emotions. It showed they are perfect to mix them with several animals. Therefore I offer you a digital full colored version of an individuell combination of a Blopp and your Fursona with a transparent background, so you can use it as avatar, badge etc.!
Very exotic species can sometimes be hard to transform due to their special anatomy (like Manta Rays) but I see what I can do. Most mammals, reptiles and birds work very well. :)


Price: 10 Euro
What you get: 1 digital colored Blopp without background
Supportet Projects:
1) Protection of Marine Fauna (Greenpeace)
2) Protection of wild bees (NABU Rügen)
(URL for 2) ist German only, sorry! :( )

If you have any questions or like to have your personal Blopp, just send me a PN. I'll contact you as soon as possible. :)

Naturama Project - Help the Blopps to save our animals!


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