Probable Streaming Today - EXPIRED by whiteicepanther

Now that I've had a nap and got a little minecrafting out of my system. What ya'll say to a stream later this afternoon/evening (EST)?

This is very well could be one of the last times for a while that I offer the the $10 colored sketches and $15 flats sale. Why? Cause hopefully starting late next week I'll be opening up a RP/DnD themed sale where you can get some kick butt character art, showing off your characters decked out in their armor, possibly with their weapon of choice as well.

I'll post a separate journal detailing how that set of commissions will work early next week.

That said, today's stream will start between 4:30pm and 7pm.
$10 colored sketches and $15 flat character flats will be available.
Check out my commission's folder for examples.

Keep an eye out for a journal or tweet announcing that I'm live over on my livestream channel,

See you in stream in a little while!

Probable Streaming Today - EXPIRED


19 June 2014 at 13:51:10 MDT

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