Worried about "mysteryous" watchers by cuerva

Lately I've received some "weird watchers". One of them even admited to be following everyone and simply being using and automatized metod to add everyone to their watch list. I dunno about you but this troubles me a lot.

So far, I've "gained" 3 watchers that are kind of unsettling. I tend to visit all of the people who gives me a watch and drop a "hi" at least, however when I went to check on these people's pages I found things that made me feel very unseasy, or better said, i found nothing at all.

Their pages are empty, they don't even have an icon uploaded and their statistics and favorites are hidden. Their shoutboxes are not accepting comments and their galleries are empty.... Honestly this disturbs me.

I have my gallery set so only Weasyl users can see it so i'm sure I'm only watched by people who is artistically interested in my work, but when things like this begin to happen it just gives me the creeps. There are a lot of accounts of these kind in DA and PIXIV and you know what are they used for?..... to steal art.

I understand that this is not always the case. Sometimes they just belong to outsiders who want to look at your work and don't have much astistic skill themselves, but if that was the case, they why hide their favorites? Why not accept comments that would allow them to interact with the arists that they like?

Maybe I'm being too paranoid, I don't know. However I like to have at least a minimal interaction with the people that watches my art, to know they are REAL people, even if we don't ever talk.

This just unsettles me a lot. I wish there was a way to hide my gallery from users that I don't want looking at my work. Maybe I'm an ass for thinking this way but, really, I mean it, I don't like having watchers like these one bit.

Worried about "mysteryous" watchers


19 June 2014 at 13:44:10 MDT

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    I know how you feel. I don't like these watches either; they are extremely strange and I really don't understand. Mystery watches unsettle me quite a lot.

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      I know right? I mean. I could deal with they not having an icon or even hiding their favorites. i have a lot of watchers like these on Y!Gal, but they all still accept comments...

      However whey they start Not Accepting comments, that's when i start to worry.

      Why not accept comments? I mean, usually when you follow an artist is a great thing that they take a moment to at least say "hi" to you... But when you don't want the artist to drop by and leave a message, then something is very, veeeery suspicions.

      At least that's what I think @_@

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    Yeah... I know what you mean :|

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    It's creepy. I've only gotten a few of those here... none on Pixiv. Maybe I'm not all that popular over there. I dunno. I get a few kids who ask for help with English or the odd youngin who wants people to read their comic before they take it to comiket (though they private message me asking me to), but no weirdo blank accounts. Which reminds me to go and slap my stamp on the submissions I posted. I really don't want 12 hours and a week of work to go to some art thief. flops over

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    Yeah, I feel the same way, honestly. x.x; There were several on FA, and I was hoping they wouldn't come to Weasyl as well. I mean, the worst part about it, is, if they're literally watching everyone (and a lot of these accounts are set up to do that) then they're just uselessly inflating our stats, and making it hard for us to tell how many people are -actually- following us. ._.

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      Yeah, you have a very good point there. I prefer to know that my watchers actually WATCH my work and care enough about it >.>

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        I really hope the fad dies out soon. x.x; I dunno what started it, even!