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Split Sale - Environments & Water-themed Commissions! by farorenightclaw

Time for another sale!

The first option is an environmental commission. This means a landscape, indoor scene, whatever sort of environment you'd like. These'll be $80, full color and shading and whatnot, a full scene. You can include your character (probably fairly small for landscapes) for an extra $20, for a total of $100. Comment to claim. I'll take 3:

The second option is a water/underwater themed commission! Your character swimming, or drowning, or bathing, whatever you'd like as long as it's watery themed! I can also make your character aquatic-ified, adding fins or flippers or such, if you'd like.

Prices will be as follows and include a single character:

Flats: $50 (normally $60)
Illustration: $65 (normally $80)
Realism Painting: $100 (normally $125)

Comment to claim. I'll take 3:

  1. TheIrateFOX - illo done!
  2. Cyrin - illo - paid done!
  3. hailbop - illo - paid - COLORING

Let me know in your comment which special you want! Go go go!

Split Sale - Environments & Water-themed Commissions!


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    I would like a water/underwater themed in Illustration mode of Gordon in his environment suit adapted for underwater use (fins and webbed paws and weight belt?). Use your discretion as to whether peril is involved!

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      Okie doke! Email refs and also send money to faroreDOTnightclawATgmailDOTcom!

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        Refs and Payment SEEEENTO! Strikes Outrageous Heroic Pose

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    Aaaaaaaaaah this sounds awesome. Hopefully I can find some side jobs to get one. <_<

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      That'd be sweet! Let me know if you do get a chance!

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    I'm interested in the water/underwater theme, was wondering if you'd be willing to do an illustration of my human self suspended in a tube of water, being transformed into my fishy character? Lots of scope for weird biotech stuff and webbed hands pressed up against glass :D

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      Sure, I can do that! Send refs by email to faroreDOTnightclawATgmailDOTcom , and $80 to the same address!