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Space-Puppy-Appreciation Post by BloodhoundOmega

I just felt like thanking everybody who has left a comment or a fav on any of my Bloodhound pieces this year.

You guys rock my world! Seriously, you do!

Ever since I changed their design I knew I would loose a lot of feedback, maybe even followers. I became very insecure and sensitive in that matter, but since the new Bloodhound shape simply felt so right I stuck by it... and so many of you did, too! Every kind word in that matter helped me through times of self doubt. Every sign of appreciation weighs now even more than it before.

Every single one of you who supports me for what I love doing the most...
Every single one of you who enjoys what I share with you from the depths of my heart... thank you!

I wish I had stronger words to express what I feel, but sadly this will have to do!


Space-Puppy-Appreciation Post


5 June 2014 at 13:06:07 MDT

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    Maybe it also helps that you feel so confident with their new design because if feels right to you that others feel the same about the new design of your Bloodhounds? Also it's lovable too see and read so much about them, how they live, what kind of 'races' there are and why they are who they are.
    It's not only just a random design you throw at your 'fans', so to speak, but it's part of you that you show to us and that needs to be appreciated :3

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      It sure is a part of it! I have changed a lot in the past two years and it reflects in the way I talk and walk and also in my art of course! I am finding more to myself, accepting who I am, maybe someday learning to love that person, too. All this is a very important part of the process and it is awesome to know that people see this reflected in my art as well! :D

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    Eh, people should draw what makes them happy, followers or no followers. :] I find it a bit weird how some watchers are so quick to turn away from artists they used to like as soon as they change some detail or theme (I was in a couple of fandoms before I started drawing only original stuff so I've had my share of watchers fleeing).

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      They should, yes! But I think very few of us have the inner strength to utterly ignore any kind of feedback on their work.
      Well, I think I do understand it... Watchers don't owe artists a damn (respect and kindndess should go without saying, as they do the same way round). If they started watching somebody for a certain subject matter that they enjoy watching and the artist stops drawing said subject, I can understand that they leave and pick another source from which to derive "pleasure". The current offer of artists displaying their work out there is growing daily so why stick to something that doesn't fully "satisfy" anymore?

      I think I can relate to that, which again brings me into the position to be vastly grateful for everybody who found my new designs to their liking as well. This is an incredibly valuable gift to me! :D

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        Yeah, I know what you mean... I realise that watchers don't owe anything to the artists but at the same time artists never pledged to entertain watchers. I mean maybe some do but I draw what I draw because I want to draw it, if anyone else likes it - great, if not - it's not my problem. It's hard to ignore negative feedback but I'm learning to do it for my own sake - I had "every critique is useful" as a rule all through the university and it messed me up a lot mentally.

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    Glad to see that we still love you regardless <3

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      It might seem trivial and stupid, but such things really matter a lot to me. X3