Chloe at the Emergency Vet = SALE on art & stuff! by Idess

Well yesterday sure was hectic. My dog Chloe (who many of you know from meeting her at cons or from her photos here) found some spilled treats in a gravel run yesterday afternoon and even though I picked the treats up, she is such a chow-hound that she thought the whole area smelled so good she ate a bunch of pea gravel with the crumbs. Later that evening she was vomiting rocks and acting very lethargic and uncomfortable, so we headed to the Emergency Vet. She got an X-ray which showed that her entire stomach and intestines were just bulging with gravel, and surgery was needed to clear it out. (Here's her X-Ray btw; the vet says it wins the award for craziest X-ray of the month! )

Chloe went into surgery around midnight last night, and I got the call from the vet at 2am that she was well and instead of making 2 incisions like they thought they would need to (one into the stomach and one into the intestine), the vet was able to get most everything out with just 1 incision! Chloe is still at the vet and will be there until this evening as they keep her on IV's and pain meds and watch her stools and make sure everything is passing OK.

Most of the harrowing part is over but Chloe still has at least 2 weeks of recovery time ahead of her at home. I can't wait to pick her up and see her again, last night and this morning has been quite a trial for me and I am extremely tired.
I am not one to ask for charity or handouts, so I'm hoping by promoting some of my art merchandise I can sell some things to help some of the surgery cost. Needless to say, I opened up a new Care Credit card account last night to pay for this, and it's sinking in now that I have a long road ahead of me financially as well.

Biggest and most importantly,I am having a[b][u] 15% off sale on Storenvy![/b][/u] Use the code [b]CHLOEEATSROCKS[/b] to get 15% on all items in my Store!

This is probably the BEST way to help out. 100% of Storenvy sales go to me, so there isn't any third party that takes a cut. I have a ton of prints, bookmarks, and magnets for sale on there plus an original I would really love to sell! If you want a print of art that's not on there, let me know and I'll see if I can put it up :) I really truly would love to sell this merch!

I also have a RedBubble page with tshirts, smartphone/tablet cases, and more for sale

Redbubble takes a large chunk of every sale, so this isn't the best way to help out, but every little bit helps, if you'd like some cool swag with my art on it :)

Other things for sale:
Bits of odds and ends that never sold from past Internet Yard Sales I am still more than willing to sell! You can see them here, anything that is not crossed out/sold is still available!

Thank you so much to anyone that helps out, and let me know if you'd like to buy something from me that may not be on my online stores and I'll see what I can do!

Chloe at the Emergency Vet = SALE on art & stuff!


5 June 2014 at 11:59:25 MDT

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    Oh my goodness. Poor baby! I hope she's feeling better soon, and good luck with your emergency sale!

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      Thank you! She's back home and feeling better today thank goodness, though it sucks to see her in pain and discomfort! :(