Stream is done and just a couple little things by whiteicepanther

Shout outs to Userpay from FA and kairo kairo for stopping by my stream tonight and each grabbing a commission!

And thank you to anyone else who may of stopped by an quietly watched for a little while.

There should be another stream next week, it'll be either Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. I'll say more when we get closer to those days.

Also, there might be a change in what is offered during streams. I'm thinking of taking a break from colored sketches and flats. Obviously they'll still be available as a normal commission which you can contact me about anytime you're interested in one - you can visit my website for more information.

What I might be offering next stream? Well if I can't decide it'll be more colored sketches and flats. But I'm thinking I might to something like con badges or speed paintings. If you have any interest in a type of commission from me for during a stream, don't be shy. Leave a comment! I can't make any promises but I'm open to ideas. Just remember, I'm a SFW artist.

Now it's rather late where I am, so I'm gonna hit they hey now.


Stream is done and just a couple little things


27 May 2014 at 22:38:50 MDT

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