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Updates! by Zeta-Haru

Hey guys, what's up! ^^

I wanted to write this journal because I felt like I was distant, even though I'm working on the comic and using the descriptions do let you updated about issues and events that happened, there is more that I would like to share and tell.

Well, first of all I wanted to say that the comic is being worth it! the donations are sustainable and I'm working on it a lot, I try to finish them ins less than 4 days but there are times a page takes more than that, which I'm trying to fix by doing it faster.

And my boyfriend is feeling better from his illness, thanks again for all the wishes for him to get better.

I also got addicted to Pokémon X for the first two weeks after I got the game, I think that's when the first delays started, but I've always wanted a portable console haha, since I was a kid ;-; I think it's understandable... a-and I'm still a bit addicted haha, but right now I just train new pokémon to use online battle, sometimes I hate the game, sometimes I love it,,, shrug

I think that's all! I'm going to focus more on the comic because it already took a month with only 6 pages, I need to get back to the "each 4 days a new page finished" routine, or else it's going to take over 3 months in total to have our story finished, which is not good. :P

Oki see ya all another time~ <3



24 May 2014 at 16:57:50 MDT

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    Awesome how things are going well. cant wait for the next page, the hard work is definitely paying off! :D