Moment of truth by SpetsnazKaz

Yep, I'm still alive here~ (just barely)

This will be the last journal I will make of me complaining all about finals, (for a really looooong time) I promise. And it will be short, too.
And yes, it has been a much longer time since I have been here (let alone any of my sites) because I am nearing my sentence this week. sigh I don't even know where to start... I feel as if I lost all hope to try anymore. My whole weekend was composed up of countless hours of studying, and I feel just absolutely tired. Even more tired than I usually am. It's quite a miracle that I kept my head from dropping onto the table and snoring long enough to be here and write this damn journal... I just know the absolute hell that I'm in for...

Changing the subject just a little bit, I want to wish any Russians a happy [belated] Victory Day. I hope you enjoyed it. Because unfortunately. I spent a majority of the day cramming for shit exams without eating, sleeping, or pissing. The only good side to the story is that I managed to stay up long enough to watch the parade streaming on RT. That was pretty much the only redeeming factor I had all month. In fact, I had to push myself hard to get myself to finish (and post) my Victory Day pictures. I had one more planned, but it's terribly underdone and needs more work to it. I'll post it when I post it. Because I'm just so fucking tired right now, I just want to sleep the whole damn day away.

I really can't wait for the 15th to come...

Moment of truth


12 May 2014 at 14:29:21 MDT

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