Secondary Food Fotos by KajTaotsu

Hey guys! So finals for my spring semester classes are over, and I have this folder mainly for food photography that were runnerups for the main shots used for recipes and showcasing recipes as in this recipe or this one.

But! I've decided to use it also for food photography that I don't (readily) have recipes for or just want to show off from any of my classes I've taken for my culinary degree. Yeah, it does kind of bum me out that I don't have/can't tell how to show these off, but it's more to be able to have something to show improvement in my skills. The galleries here are as much as a way for me to share with users the creations I've found, made, etc, but also a way to portfolio and showcase it for jobs and such if ever the chance comes up. The site is beautiful as is, and would be perfect for the job in my opinion!

So yeah, enjoy more food photography and sorry for not being able to share more! I've got the recipe for the Philly Chicken Bruschetta being written up and tweaked as we speak.

Secondary Food Fotos


8 May 2014 at 23:35:59 MDT

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