[Closed] Portrait Commissions! by TheScatterbrain

Since I'm still in money trouble (it never ends, kind of terrible really), I'm going to open for some more commissions.
Something faster this time, that it's possible for me to do in one sitting - That means portrait and bust commissions!

I have to take $20 a piece for these to be worth my time, but they will be inked, coloured in a moderately detailed style and have a backdrop/simple background of your choosing. No floating heads here.

  • All types of characters are welcome of course.
  • If you want your drawing in dimensions that can fit an icon, badge, other set format, etc. I can do that.
  • If you want multiple characters in the same piece, say for an icon set for example, add $15 for each extra character.

This is a pretty good example of what a portrait commission could look like (DA link)

Some other examples:
Busts: This and this
Icon set: This here (DA link)

I accept payment via PayPal and my usual terms of service apply.
However, since I want the turn-around time on these commissions to be as fast as possible, I’ll treat them as I normally would a sketch. That means I’ll ask for payment up front and I’ll finish the commission on my own without showing you the progress halfway.

If you would like to commission me, send me a note or an email at gittetj@hotmail.com with details.

Even if you don't want to buy anything, spreading the word would be greatly appreciated C:

[Closed] Portrait Commissions!


6 May 2014 at 04:01:43 MDT

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