Commission terms of service by TheScatterbrain


I only accept payment via PayPal - Remember not to send payment as a gift.
If you happen to be in Denmark I accept payment via bank transfer as well.

I'll ask for your payment after you've approved my sketch, unless you're only buying a sketch, then it's payment up front.
I won't continue working on the commission until I've received your transaction.


Commissions are digital only, so you get the finished image file in viewing size + a high res. JPEG or whatever other format your heart desires.

You can crop or otherwise alter the commission and use it for whatever you wish, as long as it is only for personal and non-commercial use.
If you want to use the image for something else than personal use, you can talk to me about buying the publishing- and copy-rights.

You are allowed to post the commissioned image in its original state in your own gallery or elsewhere, providing you give me credit and link back to me.


Image reference of the character or at least a description of what it looks like. This includes any specific clothing, props, background scenery or other things you want included in the drawing.

If you have an idea for the mood or pose of the character, as well as the general mood or maybe colour scheme of the image, please let me know. Even if you just want me to draw whatever I want, a short description of the character's personality is nice to have.

If you would like me to draw or colour in a specific style you have seen me use, make sure to let me know.


As a general rule I won't draw porn or fetish art. Anything else is fine, although I reserve the right to say no to a commission.
If there's something you're unsure whether I'd be willing to draw you are welcome to ask.

Unless we have discussed otherwise I hold the copyright on the commissioned image and reserve the right to post it online and use it for promotion or similar purposes. Due credit will of course be given to the owner of the depicted characters.

For any type of commission more complex than a sketch I will send you a sketch to be approved before I finish the artwork. You are allowed to request revisions of parts of the artwork at this stage, but unless I have made a major mistake in regards to the commission description you gave me, I will not redo the whole sketch.

Should a situation arise where I have to cancel the commission, you will receive a full refund.
If you cancel the commission before it has been finished you will receive a refund minus a fee for what of the artwork I have already finished, if any.
Once a commission is finished it can not be refunded.


Contact me via note or email at gittetj(at) with details.

Commission terms of service


6 March 2014 at 06:06:17 MST

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