Cows, rated m for mature by Sammacha

Lol, I had this thought that if every image with a nipple is rated m for mature then how about cows?
We are free to draw their nipples/ teats all day and nobody ever complains about that xD
Simply said, I think the rating on nipples is pretty stupid, unless you live in a box and had yours sanded off as a child I'm pretty sure you know that everyone has them.

Its different if you wanna draw them like, over exaggerated and super erect imo. But dude a nipple, if you are 13 and have never seen a nipple, I dont know what to say, lmfao!
I think of nipples like butts, everyone has a butt. Drawing a butt is not rated M unless you make it all sexual looking.

On that note, does this journal needed to be rated M for mature as well? I wrote nipple, more then once, and btw I come by this question honestly.

Ps: a store near me once got complaints about nipples on mannequins, so they took them down and replaced them with ones that had larger nipples in protest saying, there is a difference! Everyone has them and everyone can see them through you shirt! ( unless you have a lot of layer or something) so whats the big deal?
Honestly, I think if people weren't made to be ashamed of their body the world would be a better place

Cows, rated m for mature


2 May 2014 at 02:16:35 MDT

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    A cow's teats aren't sexualized but a woman's breasts are. I don't think the argument "everyone has them" is valid because, well no duh everyone has them. That doesn't mean I'm open to seeing them nor does it mean they are appropriate.

    Also why would they put nipples on mannequins? There is like, no purpose at all.

    Another thing, bras exist. If you can see a nipple through a bra then you have some ridiculous x-ray vision or something.

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      Really? More often then not, I can see peoples nipples when they have a bra on from their shirt. unless its highly padded. I mean there's a shadow there because they aren't flat. I can see peoples, and sometimes people can see mine.

      They had them on the mannequin because they were made to be anatomically correct. There was also a study done in several places, and mannequins with larger breasts and nipples placed on anatomically correct bodies actually sold more then ones that used standard mannequins but sold the same clothing.

      And there's the other thing, breasts are what people consider really sexy, the nipples just add to it at times. Not to mention that its considered ok for women to walk around topless. If women can walk around topless in the street why are photos of nipples rated 13 or 18 or even 21+ ?

      I personally don't need or really want to see people walking around with their tops off all day, but I don't understand this stupid idea, that its ok if its in person, but its not ok in a photo, let alone a drawing

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        I dont know where you live but here women don't walk around topless

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    Basically because it's not sexualized by society as a whole; blame them. Ever seen the cartoon Cow and Chicken? That's a kids cartoon. You see udders drawn intentionally, it's a distinguishing feature of cows that we attach no sexual value to. Therefore it's not something that we worry about as a mature subject. It's just a cow's udder.

    Is it logical? Not really. The world doesn't really run on correct logic most of the time, anyway. Weasyl's standards follow the US's lead, whereas if the site was based in Europe then I'm sure some policies would be different.

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      I am surprised nobody has realized that the cow part is mainly sarcastic D:

      It's not only weasyl its lots of places. It's like you say illogical D:
      It make me mad bro

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        It's been a serious question before. =/

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          About the cow? :/
          Well I heard of a website were it would be rated 18+ though I would rather not talk about it. I didn't believe it but it was true D: that website scares me