Sometime After Dinner...Livestream Sale Tonight by whiteicepanther

So yesterday's schedule got completely thrown out the window due to some bad communication and misunderstandings about who would be where when for what. Long story short, it meant no stream yesterday.

Tonight on the other hand... I'm going to be doing a Flat Rate Flats livestream sale starting near 7pm EST over on!

(you can go here for an example flier)

I'm going to be starting sometime after I have dinner. I concentrate better when I'm not on an empty stomach. So, around 7pm EST the stream will start. Stream will go as late as 11:40pm EST.

Basic Stream Rules:
-Keep commission requests and the chat clean (No adult content)
-Be respectful
-Let me know in the stream's chat if you sent a commission request.

Flat Rate Flats Sale Information:
-Flat Rate Price of $15
-Must be of a single character or subject
-Sketching stage should be able to be completed within 1 hour.
-First come first serve based on commission request time stamps (via notes or email).
-Line-art and coloring will take place post-stream to help keep things moving.
-You'll receive the completed version within 24 - 48 hours.

Keep in mind, I can only guarantee this sale price for this stream only. Livestream sale prices are special and are not to be confused with the pricing for normal commissions.

In case anyone's wondering, these flats will have nice clean, smooth line-art taking them a step further then the color sketches that I've done in past stream sales.

That said, feel free to stop by the stream and say, "Hi!"

See you tonight!

Sometime After Dinner...Livestream Sale Tonight


1 May 2014 at 15:23:37 MDT

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