Hey all, an update. by megaruru

I'm guessing some of you are aware of my situation before, regarding being forcefully married, and just in a pretty shitty situation, I had to delete my old tumblr and all journals/posts on my other sites since my family was stalking me and I didn't want to them to find me or have any info on what I'm doing, I'm still not in the US with my partner but I met them and it was an amazing experience, they had to go back to the US alone but I'm under the protection of the police here in UK until we settle the other issues we have right now, I'm still in dire need of money, we have donations open still and my partner is taking sketch commissions

Here's the old post, edited: http://31-haadi.tumblr.com/post/84044395807/important-i-am-in-a-dangerous-situation-new-tumblr#notes


and if you want to donate just forward it to goatykins@gmail.com

here's my new tumblr: http://31-haadi.tumblr.com/ it's mainly for my situation, I have a personal but I don't feel comfortable sharing it yet.

Thank you all who supported me last time, and I'm sorry for posting this again but I ask for your help, hopefully for the last time, I will be taking commissions once I'm in the US and not in much stress but for now we need all the help we can get, if you have any questions regarding this situation you can ask here or on my tumblr, just know that there is some info I can't share due to my family stalking to me but I'm trying to keep myself safe.

Thank you again, I hope you all have a good day.

Oh I forgot, here's the post with more info

EDIT: fixed the links! EDIT2: added the old post. as well.

Hey all, an update.


27 April 2014 at 09:26:31 MDT

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    Your first and last links are broken.

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    Also relieved to hear you are in the UK with police protection

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      Aaa thank you for telling me! I edited the journal and added a link to the old post, hope it works now. ;;

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    I'm glad you're in the UK, at least. It's a shame you had to delete your tumblr though. I guess your followers did much more then the tagging system in this case? I would continue to tag your posts under LGBTQ and the other tags you were using. If anything rewrite (or if you can find it just copy paste/reblog) your original post with a part 2 so people know you're still here, still have a plan, and still need funds. Reblogging could be risky because of your parents... but it has over 12,000 notes. That's a lot to look through. I'm sorry if I sound stupid I'm just trying to think of a way to get the message out.

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      Yeah people actually helped a lot with this, it was overwhelming and I feel bad deleting my old blog because it left many people in the dark of whats happening, also thank you for providing me the link to my old post, I edited it and reblogged it to my new blog/put it on the journal too, I'm not too worried about my family finding it anymore since I'm under the police's protection and I won't be making any posts that disclose of sensitive information like my location and such. You don't sound stupid at all and you've helped us tons, I actually wanna talk to you more regarding immigration laws and visa if that's ok ;;

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        That's perfectly fine! :> I'll note you my skype!

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    Sounds like progress was made, I'll need to check what I can give as I only got paid yesterday.

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    Gaaa I'm just glad you're okay! We didn't hear from you in a while (as expected) but I still got a little worried haha

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    Glad to hear you're getting closer to your goal. Wishing you the best ;u;

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    I'm glad you're safe! I was worried when your tumblr was deleted, but I figured it was because it had to be done for a reason like that. Stay safe and keep at your goals.

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    Hey Megaruru, it's nearly been a year. Do you think you can give us an update on how you're doing after all this? None of the links are currently working.