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$5 Bust shot drive by zoiefalcona

Hey all!

I am currently doing a bust shot drive to help curtail some of the expenses Grey has for his surgery. Also, due to our financial crunch, I am also looking for a tablet so I can move away from the expenses of traditional art (i.e., Micron pens that died or broke, expensive Prismacolor pencils that Baby Zoey has found, etc) and move towards digital art. I am always more than happy to snatch a used tablet if someone isn't using it but currently trying to save up for a tablet (after I take care of bills/food for Zoey/etc since hubby isn't cleared to work).

The bust shot (that is chest/stomach and up) drive are full color and payment is due after sketch review is done. Please review my site to see my style BEFORE requesting and being disappointed that I am not at the level of Dark Natasha, Chalodillo, or Danny Valentini. I am still developing my abilities and wanting to expand to different styles and ideas. I am also happy to accept donations and will gift you appropriately to my art style/range. So if I am donated say $20 bucks, will gift a couple of pieces of full color art.

Mature/Naughty art is only commissioned only, will only keep to what is legal as to the laws of my state and the laws of the U.S.A. Not comfy with doing extreme styles (i.e., vore, scat, watersports, extreme sizes of anything, etc) and probably will not do it. As with all things, if you have any questions if I will do it, please ask. The worst I can say is no. If I am not comfortable doing it, please have patience.

All donations and commissions can be done through paypal at and please send money as "gift" or otherwise a portion of the money will be taken by paypal being evil.

$5 Bust shot drive


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