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Anybody like dragons? by Urs

Hey everybody! I usually don't advertise stuff, but I really wanted to get rid of that last journal.

I don't know how many of you guys like virtual pet sites, but one site I play often just opened up registrations today and will last till 5 tomorrow.

The game is Flight Rising!

FR is a site featuring dragons as the main species. Right now it's mostly breeding and battling dragons, but major updates like quests, crafting, etc. will be coming in the future.

The site is split into "flights". Each flight has an element and a Deity to it. The flight you choose determines the eye color of any dragons you hatch, so keep that in mind when choosing. Here's a handy color chart of the eyes.

A major part of the site, which exists to get rid of unwanted dragons to save server space, is exalting and dominance. You know how each flight has a Deity to it? Well, the Deities fight each other for dominance of the realm every week. To win, you must exalt dragons. Exalting is sending your dragon to serve the Deity, making them leave your lair and netting you, and the server, more space. The flight with the most exalts win.

Yeah, so if you guys ever wanted to try out any virtual pet sites, FR is a good one. If you join, you're free to message me for help and stuff. I'm #4063

Anybody like dragons?


14 April 2014 at 18:02:11 MDT

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    sounds cool! :) I'll definitely check it out