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a little help/advice needed by grandle

Hello! Today my laptop decided to become out of order and this is really stressful for multiple reasons, but I'd like to ask you, what happens if a computers breaks down and I have registered program on it? I mean, could I install it again on other device using the same code? That's probably a v.stupid question but among other things I am worried about my drawing software ._.
typing on tablet is really uncomfortable eh

a little help/advice needed


14 April 2014 at 14:05:00 MDT

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    As far as I know you can! Unless they came up with some code that can be used only once since the last time I checked - with the way software companies try to suck money out of customers these days I wouldn't be surprised. But as far as I know you can use the same code twice.

    But gosh, so sorry about your laptop. Hardware troubles are so stressful. :C

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      Thank you! I am.mostly worried because installing it required registering it online and I don't know if that's not the company's way of marking this copy as "already used" and block it from using it again ._. It would make some sense,because without any protection I could as well give the code to all my friends..

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    What software is it?

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      clip studio paint pro! it's very good I recommend it wholeheartedly uwu

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        Uhh. I don't think I've used it. I'm not sure how to answer your question. You can always contact the company and ask them about these kinds of things.