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04-13-14 Crow Sunday Papers 1 by LudoCrow

Gonna try to start a bit of a tradition of weekly updates and I figured that sunday is probably as good day than any for that, being the "day of rest" for a lot of people out there.

So, thus far, I would say the last week went rather well, technical troubles and all. Even if issues slowed me down rather badly, with warm-up and practices I was still able to keep a semi-decent flow of art even if the sketchier sort. Which is still a pretty good thing as for me it's important not to go so long without producing art that when I am asked a commission I find myself spending almost more time "getting my lines flowing" than I do actually producing the artwork.
So at least so far I'm able to keep a steady flow while also making some progresses on commissions.

Otherwise, the weekend have been rather good, if busy. Maple syrup season is almost over here in Quebec so yesterday I went to my grandfather's maple shack. It was fun but I think I'm going to miss standing over the boilers where maple syrup is made to smell the thick water vapors coming from it, and the wonderful smell of maple that come with them.

It's kind of silly, but for me that's the one defining trait of maple syrup season, that boiling. I can buy maple syrup and other products all year, but it's only during the season that I can witness the production, stand in grandfather's shack as it's filled with the vapors from the boilers making it smell maple everywhere. And of course, it's the only period you can have a proper "reduced"(as it's called by family) by taking a cup and filling it with the not-yet-syrup waters in the boilers and then adding whisky to the cup to cool it down just enough to be drunk. So it's that warm yet still very nice mix of a strong alchohol with a light, and not overpowering in the slightest, taste of maple syrup.

Anyway, good times were had. It's been a busy day and I kind of needed that even if it put me in contact with members of my family I'd rather avoid for now(family drama.... sucks. At least people were able to keep on face).

Mostly relaxing for now today, still trying to decide whether I'll use this sunday for further rest(before starting work again tomorrow) or work proper on my remaining commission.

Do expect more warm-up art to come up today however. That's a promise to myself I want to keep.

In the meanwhile.... have some baby crows!

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04-13-14 Crow Sunday Papers 1


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