I admire the pony fandom. Also, some DOS games. by GuzzleMuzzle

I admire the pony fandom. There's been enough other speculation around it that I don't need to dissertate much about the pony fandom here, but I'll add my two cents.

It's just a great thing that in a world rife with violence and other such dissension, there's a broad range of people from many walks of life who appreciate My Little Pony enough to not only praise the show and its creators and talents, but also offer their own talents to it to produce more artistic content. Back around 2011, I was surprised to find a chiptune made in the style of Commodore 64 SID music, and also made by one of my favorite module music artists, Simon Woodington. That just goes to show that the "love and tolerance" aspect of the pony fandom isn't so very "cosmetic" as it's partly authentic. I say partly because of some of its less approachable or flexible members.

I'm hardly unaware of the largest reasons why people oppose the pony fandom. A lot of it is about supposed "tough people" not wanting their "style cramped" in coexisting with something less gritty that they suppose is very puerile in nature and "brittle" in structure. The rest is genuinely discriminatory - homophobes, bullies, and other such unseemly people wanting to oust something they suppose should have no place in, quote, "their" world.

I'm not exactly prone to showing a grand level of appreciation for stuff of MLP, really. Still I don't mind it and what there is or may be of it, some of that actually being along the lines of entailing what my own tastes do. Also, I think it's both cute and hilarious that within the pony fandom, there are so many people aversed at pornography, especially the kind made with MLP as its primary focus. That's just one sign of note that goes to show that many of MLP's fans, supporters, and content contributors are either very young and mostly sexually unawares, or that they're actually sexually mature yet sexually confused for whatever reasons. I won't harp on that like a spiteful troll would, though. There's something awkward and out of place about us all.

All in all, it's just a good sign that there are people willing to promote happiness when others are too busy bolstering racism, gender discrimination, and other such bigotry to the forefronts of matters. MLP might dwindle in popularity in the near future, but what its fans will have is that they ventured to adopt ways of peace rather than be so ready to focus so hard on enmity in the blindness of amnesty.



I hope I don't get in trouble for posting these... >.>

I'm particularly in love with a certain DOS game collection I found in a torrent on the internet last year in 2013. It includes 749 MS-DOS games (meant for PCs) that are all pre-configured and "front-ended" - they're ready to play at a simple double click, though for some of them you would have to take a moment going into their settings to change things to your liking, which is easily doable since they are all organized in the amazing "D-Fend Reloaded" DOS organizer. :D

I'm aware of the fact that a tiny handful of DOS games have been re-released in updated forms, meaning that some of these might be illegal to broadcast publicly. Though I'm not sure, I think most of these games are abandonware, meaning there's no more profit circling around them. I know the majority of them are abandonware...

You can find that "D-Fend Reloaded" organized torrent of 749 MS-DOS games here, on "The Pirate Bay" (beware of the boobs and asses... XD): http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/7146370/749_DOS_games_DOSBox_Frontend_for_Windows__PRE-CONFIGURED_CLICK_

Also, there's another torrent of DOS games that includes 3,000 DOS games! (there were tons of games for MS-DOS.). However I recommend that you read over the uploader's info given on those games, as he mentions that some of them contain viruses. He asserts that the viruses are "as old as the games themselves", and wouldn't pose much of a threat to systems that use Windows XP and up. However, I'm not so sure about that. Still, it's believable that such old viruses wouldn't likely pose much of a threat on such newer systems that employ a slew of new standards (I'm not computer literate enough to know the proper term there. "Algorithms"? XD). You'll need the "DOSBox" emulator to play these 3,000 though. I think they can be organized in the D-Fend Reloaded organizer as well, but I have no idea how to go about that, as I've never done it.

You can find that bulky collection of DOS games here, on "The Pirate Bay" (shield your eyes! You'll be blinded by copious ass! Lol. XD): http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/3592676/Abandonware__Almost_3000_games_for_DOS_PC

I'm aware of how taboo the subject of software piracy is. But all of these games are very, very old. I hope no one will take offense to my posting this. I'm just happy to share a bit of ancient gaming history with you all. :)

You can find other torrents of DOS games as well, but I've never downloaded any more than these two.

Also, you'll need a torrent client like "Bittorrent" or "uTorrent" to download these. I personally like using uTorrent.

I admire the pony fandom. Also, some DOS games.


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