I'm alive (sort of) by Farouche

Didn't update this since January so here you go. I guess this is going to be another "I apologize for not updating my gallery much at the moment".

I have a commission (ref sheet) that is almost finished, but my mental health has been such a pain that I haven't been able to work on my art for a while. All my energy is sucked away by other worries such as looking for a job (or failing to look for a job because of the general anxiety disorder/depression), worrying about my future, and trying just to remain functional on the most basic levels (sleeping enough, eating well, showering, keeping the place clean and being a good flatmate).

So at the end of the day I either feel too discouraged to draw, or just plain too physically exhausted from all the mental stress to hold a pen and focus. Commission work was supposed to be something helping with the anxiety, because it means I have to worry less about money (I'm in a tight spot), but it's turned again into this terrifying mess of deadlines I set up for myself and expectations and mental blocks. So, I'm getting there, but it's going to be slow. Baby steps.

I've been also debating internally which direction I want my art to take, because I have a lot of ideas and world building that I've accumulated for the past decade, and I also get tired of just drawing random anthros standing on a white background. At the same time, I haven't drawn half of the character sheets I wanted to, so I guess it'll be more of that for a while before I move on to something else.

I'm alive (sort of)


2 April 2014 at 13:17:29 MDT

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    Heh, T'en fais pas j'suis totalement dans le même bateau que toi là :v
    Je suis absolument pas pressé et je préfère que tu prenne soins de toi et que tu aille a ton allure ! hugs ^.^

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      Bon courage à toi aussi!

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        Merchi =3