Pokemon Friend Codes? OwO by brightfire

Anyone want to exchange friend codes? I have a bunch of Hidden Ability Pokemon: Kalos starters, Gligar, Staryu, Vulpix, Swirlix, Chimchar, Fletchling, Bergmite, Sableye, and Bulbasaur. Probably others too that I'm forgetting.

My friend code is 3969-4461-0930

Pokemon Friend Codes? OwO


27 March 2014 at 15:18:25 MDT

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    You already gots my friendcode... my national dex is almost complete now. I just need to breed down and level up a few things then start replacing things (like an axew after it evolved, so i still have an axew) for maximum lotto numbers. Oh and a few ledgends that I need permanent copies of.

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      Do you need Kyogre or Shaymin? I have doubles of them!

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        Naw, harder to get things. I need Virizion, Keldeo, Meloatta, Genesect, and Yveltal.

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          If you just need the data I have Yvetal and Virizion. Might replay White though, if I do you can have mine.

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    oh fudgey! my DS is dead rn but my FC is 0103-9922-9457 :3c

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      Sweet! Added you~

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        :3 holy ass! i need to find my charger! keeping this tab open 5ever until i find it hahah

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    2766-8714-2317 ... I have copies of both games, my trainer will show up as Rakesh or Sa'adah. I also kind of have a bizarre crap mix in my pokedex also I hoard Espurrs

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      Awesome, added you!

      Espurrs are cuties. :>