Long Time No See by InvaderRos

I haven't been on here in quite awhile. I'm not dead, you guys. Don't worry! lol.

Last weekend, I went to A2F, and it was amazing! I cannot wait for the next con! I had so much fun, and met so many awesome people! :D There was a Black Butler themed scavenger hunt, and I got a prize. (it was a little Sebastian figurine, on a stand, with a little pocket watch charm.) It was fun to find all the cosplayers, even if William didn't hide. XD I found all except Ronald, Allen and Pluto. The characters we were supposed to find were Ronald, Allen, Eric, Pluto, Claude (actually it was a random lady filling in for the Claude cosplayer), Finni, The Undertaker, Madame Red, Grell and William. Whoever found the most characters, got to go on a special mission with Sebastian, to rescue Ciel and Lady Elizabeth. This time there was a tie, so they did a trivia challenge to determine the winner. It was awesome! I knew all the answers, being the obsessive Black Butler fan girl, I am. lol XD Then when they brought Ciel and Lizzie back, they each chose a person to get the left over prizes. Lizzie picked me. XD (She was this ADORABLE little girl.) X3

Long Time No See


24 March 2014 at 09:08:42 MDT

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