Streaming this weekend n Shelter Volunteering by whiteicepanther

Hey guys!

Streaming sometime this weekend...
I'm not sure when exactly, but I will be streaming this weekend. It might be tonight, tomorrow, or Sunday. I want to do one tonight, but I'm not sure if I will because I have to make sure I'm ready for orientation at the animal shelter tomorrow morning...and I'm terrible at being a morning person.

So keep an eye out on my twitter and artsite journals. I'll post when I'm streaming. I'll try and give at least an hours notice in advanced, but I can't guarantee that'll always happen.

There will be a in-stream sale. I never did get a chance to do the second round of the $10 single character colored sketch stream commissions, so that'll be in-stream sale.

I am going to tweak it slightly how I do them though. Basically I'll just be asking that the sketches be something that could be reasonably accomplished in under an hour so that I can get through the queue in at a reasonable pace. The other thing will be that I'll do the coloring outside of the stream then send everyone they're completed commissions once they're done.

I might also do a second stream where I'm just painting away on a piece or two.

Volunteer work yay!
Just a brief mention, I'm starting this weekend I'm gonna be helping out an animal shelter. I'm not totally sure what exactly I'll be doing, but I do know that I'll be doing at least some videography work for them. Probably vids of the animals up for adoption to help show 'em off in hopes of finding them good homes. This is something I'm rather excited to do cause it's been a while since one of my stronger talents has actually been utilized. That, and I'll get to make a small difference in my portion of the world while doing it. :)

I'm decently along with the MC animation that I've restarted a couple times over. The problem is I can't finish the rest till I get a pinch of dialogue recorded. No big, except that my computer fan is annoyingly audible. So I'm currently master planning a way to avoid recording that noise.

That's bout it really.
Now, who's ready for spring? :D


Streaming this weekend n Shelter Volunteering


21 March 2014 at 16:21:02 MDT

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