Busy Two and a Half Weeks Coming (Commissions now CLOSED) by Cyan Glaciertooth

Hey, guys.

I'm going to have to close commissions for now. Here's the reason why...

Short version:

I have a really busy schedule coming up. I won't have time to do any new commissions now.

Long version:

As you may have noticed, the latest CYAN ASKS prize was far overdue. For one thing, I couldn't find my sketchbook anywhere. (Although, I'm sure it'll turn up somewhere.) I also had to do some last minute errands involving getting my new Passport. I was supposed to get it a month ago, but never got it. I had to re-issue for a new one last Thursday at noon time (in between my volunteer job at the American Legion Post in the morning and my other job at Stop & Shop in the afternoon into the evening). I had work again on Friday morning, more work on Saturday morning, a Worcester Sharks game on Sunday, and more volunteer work at the Post on Monday. In addition, I'll be at Anime Boston this weekend. The weekend after, I'll be flying to Toronto on Saturday to attend an indoor lacrosse game with Babsiwulf on Sunday afternoon. On the Monday after, I'll be going to New York City for a Kraftwerk concert on Tuesday, April 1st. I won't return home until Wednesday, April 2nd, the earliest. From April 3rd to the 5th, I'll be back to working my usual jobs at the Post and Stop & Shop. Lastly, there are a few projects that I'd like to get done before I leave for Toronto.

When will commissions be open again?:

I'll re-open for commissions as early as April 5th (assuming I've recovered enough to do them by then). When I'm ready to do commissions, I'll post a journal about it.

I'm really sorry, guys. I wish I could put in the time to accept new commissions, but it's going to be pretty busy the next fortnight and 3 or 4 days.

Busy Two and a Half Weeks Coming (Commissions now CLOSED)

Cyan Glaciertooth

19 March 2014 at 21:24:27 MDT

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