- Canidae Ookami's Charity Drive 2014 - by Dark Violet

Alright, this is happening!

As some of you may be aware, March is the month of the UK's Red Nose Day, run by Comic Relief (http://www.comicrelief.com/). This is a charity dedicated to eradicating the poverty in this world, and Red Nose Day is an annual event to support this cause.

So I've decided to do my bit for this year, and this will be in the form of three events over the coming weeks. You can donate money to get a sketch from me, to give me challenges, or just draw me a picture and make me donate the money for you!

Read on to find out what I'll be doing over the coming weeks!

Event 1: Pay-what-you-want Charity Sketches

This will be taking place from 7pm GMT (2pm EST, 11am PT) on the 15th March.

The idea is simple; You pay whatever you want for a sketch, and I give the money to charity. The sketches will be under a time limit of no more than 30 minutes and no less than 15 minutes. I'll be doing them for about five hours, or more if I get sufficient interest - so if you want a quick sketch from me, this is the time to do it! Stay posted for more details.

Event 2: Graffiti Wall

This will be taking place from 12pm on the 9th of March until 12pm on the 16th of March.

Did you see this picture here? https://www.weasyl.com/submission/508190/roadside-box
Well, this is another idea - and the best for you penniless guys out there who still want to donate!

Doodle up some kind of grafitti-esque design (like this one here by Speravi Speravi), and send it to me! It can be a picture, some text, or some random design that you like. I'll put it up onto the wall, and on the 16th March I'll upload the result - but not only that, I'll be donating 50p (~80c) to charity for each piece of graffiti received!

Please go here for more information!

Event 3: 24hr Gaming: Donation Challenge

This will be taking place from 10am on the 31st of March to 10am on the 1st of April. I'm going to be playing a selection of games, and you can donate any amount of money you want to give me challenges! How about getting through this next area with only a crowbar? Can I complete this portal map in only three portals? You could disable my ability to move to the right and see what trouble I get into! More details will be worked out closer to the time, but I hope it'll be a fun time for all!

So that's what I have planned. Please tell me your thoughts down below, any questions or suggestions you may have, as well as any support you're willing to give!

v My page for the year is HERE v


^ Please go there for any donations or updates! ^

Thank you!

- Canidae Ookami's Charity Drive 2014 -

Dark Violet

9 March 2014 at 06:55:22 MDT

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