So, Hey Weasyl! by Chasington

Hey everyone!

Hope you enjoyed the mass upload! I was just going to check if my nick was available and then ended up filling the account out of boredom. Haha so yeah, enjoy!

I really like the initial impressions of the site, the very dark subtle tones and lovely teal and green text colors!
And the Banner option! Omg Totally love that <3

Umm, as I've come to understand it from friends, there's this rivalry between Fa and weasyl? In that case I'll try to mention Fa as little as possible :D. But I just wanted to mention that I've been active over there since 2009 and will continue to throw up stuff. This site is way more classy, so I only uploaded what I felt was my best work. Most old shit and sketchy stuff is on Fa.
Just so you know :))

Hope to see a few new faces and maybe some old ones!

Take care// Chaser

So, Hey Weasyl!


6 March 2014 at 18:05:05 MST

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    There's rivalry with FA only in the sense that they're both furry-based art sites. You can be as active on either or both as you want, there's no sides that have to be taken here x3

    Glad to see you on here, and I hope for more of your stuff in the future! :3

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      Ah cool! I really got the sense that Fa users hated Weasyl users and vice versa. Guess I'm overcomplicating it.

      Thank you and there will be! :))