Streaming resuming today 2h30pm EST by LudoCrow

So, after one hell of an art block monday, working on offline commissions throughout tuesday.... I'll be streaming again this afternoon :)

As usual, I'll be posting a notification image when I'll start streaming ^^

On another note, with the advent of offline commissions, I am changing how goals will work in my stream. While they will retain the same names("Daily" and "weekly") goals, they will no longer reset every days/weeks.

It's something I've been mulling over the last few days, especially with the advent of offline commissions which can be completed one day but only paid later after approval. It's also partly because I wanted this to be a reward for people supporting me rather than a pressure incentive to be commissioned by folks in the first place.

So here's how goals will work from now on. The goal tickers will not be reset at the end of the day or week for their respective tickers, but only when the goal is met. If for example I only make 65$ in my daily ticker one day... then that 65$ will carry over to the next and the goal ticker will only be reset when the 100$ goal is met, after which a randomly selected person amongst people who commissioned during the last 100$ chunk will, as usual, be awarded with a free sketch. Same with the 400$ weekly goal(with, as usual, a free inked piece randomly awarded when goal is met).

If for some reason a commission is to carry one of the tickers "over" goal, then anything above the goal will be carried over to the ticker after the reset(for example, if the ticker is at 75$ but someone commission for 50$, then goal will be met and the updated ticker will be 25$/100$ instead of 0/100$ ).

A lot of people in the past have rewarded me with their support to incredible level, so I would like to try to develop a reward system perhaps more respectful of their efforts and support.

Streaming resuming today 2h30pm EST


26 February 2014 at 11:25:42 MST

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