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None of this will really be new to people who follow my personal Twitter/LJ but I sort of feel like I should kinda explain what's going on in my life to those who may not follow me everywhere! Maybe some of you will be interested in what's going on with me :P

My life's been pretty crazy lately (and is looking to get crazier), but I think I like it that way x) I can't stand being bored and I've filled my days with many things I enjoy and love.
I've been taking Agility classes with Django, the dog we adopted in July, and have been really loving it. I've been interested in Agility for many many years but have never had a compatible dog until now. We're into week 5 of class and I'm looking ahead to continuing education so we can compete :) It's always been a dream of mine to compete in Agility and I'm super excited about it!!
Django and I are also going to start a CGC (Canine Good Citizen) course next month, which is an 8-week long course and at the end the CGC test will be administered. It's also been a goal of mine to have Django get a CGC cert and if he passes it after this course, he will have gotten his CGC in less than 6 months after being adopted! How's THAT for a stray dog that no one wanted? :3

Probably some of the biggest news is that I got a new job! I honestly wasn't expecting to get a job any time soon but the opportunity presented itself and it's absolutely perfect for me. The job is working as an independent contractor for a Pet Sitting/Dog Walking business. They are unique in the country in that instead of hiring employees to do the sitting, all us sitters are our own business owners and they contract us for jobs. It's really neat and it allows me to set my own schedule and do as little or as much work as I want. How cool is that?? So it will allow me to have some extra income but also not be swamped by a demanding 9-5 job, allowing me to continue doing art primarily and just having a bonus of playing with doggies part time :3 I just signed the contract with them yesterday and already have a potential job lined up (of sitting two 8-week old puppies so that's pretty fantastic lol!), so that's going to be starting here real soon!

The Dog rescue where I volunteer is also ramping up. I'm on the committee for the 5K fun run they put on and not only am I in charge of a group of other volunteers but as a "sponsor" of the event (I did the logo, t-shirt designs, posters, etc), I will get my own booth for my Pet Portrait business! This will be my first time selling my art outside of a furry convention so that's really cool! The rescue has also started a new group called the "Pit Crew" which is a small group of advanced/core volunteers that will focus specifically on Pit Bulls in the rescue; rescuing more of them, working harder on training them specifically and working with them, and making sure they're adopted to good homes. I've been working on the t-shirt designs for that and I've also offered to be a Foster. I've never fostered a dog before but it's always been something I've wanted to do; anything that would save a pet or get one more pet into a home instead of being euthanized is all I want. Yesterday the coordinator came up to me and said a new pit is coming in that she'd like to go to foster and was wondering if I'd be interested. We're supposed to go meet him today and see how he does with our dogs :) I'm nervous and excited, adding a third dog to the household will be kinda crazy and I'm scared we're not ready for it, but I'm also happy it's "temporary" and it will be another project for me as I will be working a lot with this dog and taking him to training classes and all that jazz. We'll see how it goes today though! I love pit bulls so much and they're such great dogs. I hope if we take this guy on it won't set me over the edge as far as busy-ness goes! All the above is just the larger things that's happening to me right now, and doesn't include things like Commissions, Mweor work, Hobbies, etc _

So yep that's what's going on here! Sorry if it's just blabbering about my life that no one cares about XD I hope it kinda explains any absence or quietness that may come from me. I've been putting my head down and working really hard on FC work and I'm nearing the end of that, and am just looking forward to no commissions and just doing some paintings and getting back to fun personal paintings like I know we all enjoy :) I've just felt weird the last few months not having any real new artwork to show even though I've been working my bum off. That's the only problem with badges; I work hard on them but don't have much to show! No one really cares to see uploads of badges except the ones who the badges are for so it's a lot of work for a smaller reward XP I'm just eagerly awaiting the time when my commission queue is 0 and I can go back to painting whatever comes to my mind :3

Life Update... I guess!


22 February 2014 at 10:35:13 MST

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    Wow! Congratulations! I bet your dog will be the best he can be...and you get to work in a field you have interest in! I wish nothing but the best for you! yaaaaay

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      Thank you! ^^ Yep I looove working with dogs so I'm a happy camper lol :D

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        You're most welcome!!!

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    Sounds like you have it all planned out with Django (that's a kick-ass name btw).
    Also, congrats with that job!

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      Haha thank you! We're Quentin Tarantino fans... XD

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    I like reading happy journals :) It's good to be busy with things you love <3

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      Thank you! Yes it is, I couldn't stand being busy with things I hated!