Livestreaming at 5pm EST. Commiss sale available~ by whiteicepanther

Hey guys!

Just a quick announcement. I'm going to start livestreaming at 5pm EST (Feb 19). So if you wanna watch me work, or chit chat, come on over and join me at

The stream will last at least an hour. Possible latest would be 9pm EST, but it could go longer. I'll be playing it by ear.

I'll also be holding a Livestream commission sale. It's going to be a a low flat rate of $10 for a colored sketch/flat of a single character. I'll take up to 5 in a queue at a time. I'll work on them in a first come, first serve order.

Here are examples of each style choice.
Colored Sketch Example
Flat Example

Granted the flats I’ll be doing for the stream sale will only feature one version of the character. But style wise, particularly for the line-art, that will be the same. You can specify which style you’d like me to do.

Apart from any commissions I receive during the stream, I'm going to work on a drawing exercise or two from Concept Cookie. And whatever else tickles my fancy.

Hope to see you in stream!


Livestreaming at 5pm EST. Commiss sale available~


19 February 2014 at 11:15:55 MST

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