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Chance to win free art!! CLOSED. by Hawksigh

I want to experiment with anthro & human Persona 4 inspired icons, after which I may decide to offer them as a special type of icon commission. ( Does someone already do this? I don't want to be stealin' anyone's customers, ahh, so let me know if this is a thing . . . I just really love P4 and thought it would be cool to make P4 inspired icons. ) They icons are gonna be based on the little head shots of each character that you see during the fight sequences [example.] I may also be offering dating sim / visual novel mock up commissions (which may or may not have simply animations for an extra fee . . . I don't know yet.) However, this art giveaway is only for the P4 Icons.

If you would like a free P4 Battle Stats Icon, please fill this out and post it in a comment below:

Character Reference: (I will not work off a description.)
HP Number: (The exact numbers you want shown.)
SP Number:
HP Bar: (Options are: full, 3/4 full, half full, 1/4 full.)
SP Bar: (Same options as the HP bar.)

I'll use a random number generator to see who "wins" (If more than one person is interested.)

If you have any P4 fans who would be interested please let me know!

Icons will be 100 x 100 and include a higher res copy as well (probably 500 x 500.)
These are not 50 x 50 icons meant for use on deviantart.

Chance to win free art!! CLOSED.


17 February 2014 at 17:28:35 MST

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