Quick elemental deity question by Taesolieroy

Kind of a more informal poll (and because there isn't enough space on polls to write this kind of thing) in regards to one of the stories I work on while at work.

When you hear of an element relating to a bird species which do you picture suiting the following elements -

Aether (star/light)

I'm curious to see which species you think would fit each of these elements?

Quick elemental deity question


17 February 2014 at 13:18:42 MST

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    Aether - Swallow
    Fire - Hawk
    Earth - Crow
    Water - Parrot
    Air - Eagle
    Shadow - Raven
    Metal - Falcon

    The rest I got nothing

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      Even if you only got the first half of them that's still something! Funnily enough most of those birds (all but raven and swallow) are on my initial list according to the deities, though in different locations. I'm tempted to do a concept series with each deity depicted in the species suggested as I didn't specify male/female deities and central/major/minor deities ^_^;

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        I think swallows fit Aether for sure because of the tail shape. the others I tried a best guess

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          They are certainly a sprightly species ;3

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            yes they are :3

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    Aether: European starling
    Fire: Jungle fowl (rooster)
    Earth: Nandu
    Water: Emperor penguin
    Air: Frigatebird/Swallow
    Shadow: Black heron/nightjar
    Metal: Haast's eagle (extinct)
    Plant: Kakapo
    Poison: Any of the genus pitohui/blue-capped ifrita
    Ice: No opinion, imperial shag maybe?
    Healing: Ararauna
    Lightning: No opinion, tho Hammerkop might fit here
    Storm: Northern Fulmar

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      Oooh interesting suggestions. Funnily enough I have the jungle fowl on my list, but in a different elemental slot than fire, and a parrot species in Plant ^_^ I've not heard of the Nandu, pitouhi, ifrita, and Imperial shag and Hammerkop (I didn't know Ararauna was another name for the blue-gold macaw!). Funnily enough another user over on DA suggested a shag as well for a different slot, and another for the gull family in the storm slot on FA.

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        Some of the slots were easy to fill, and I had many species for them, and some were really difficult. :>

        Birds like penquin would have fit in both water and ice for myself and parrots, kakapo especially, in both plants and earth. The healing-element was difficult one, I didn't really know what to put there, but then I decided to pick araraunas there because they know self-medication. Many other parrots and some other birds probably know too, but. :>

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          Haha, yeah my tentative list was torn with what to do with water/ice on the species. That's interesting incorporating the consumption of mud to null toxins into applying the araraunas into the field, wouldn't have thought of that XD I just thought all the large macaw species knew to do that kind of thing. The reason I had put it in brackets was a kind of offshoot non-true element that would still serve as its own clade with the list.

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    Fire: Goldie's bird of paradise.
    Water: Storm petrel
    Shadow: Definitely a raven.
    'Healing': It might seem a little ironic, but I would definitely go with a bleeding-heart dove.
    Lightning: Yellow hummingbird, though I can't find the species, they've been sighted rarely.
    Storm: Albatross

    I could probably think of a bunch more, but these are off the top of my head.

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      Interesting suggestions! I tried looking up that hummingbird you mentioned, but all I can really find is the yellow-headed hybrid and the female purple-throated mountain gem o.o