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Okay, it's 2:00am but I'm gonna update this journal real quick anyways.
So I'm pretty confident that my new computer parts are stable and nothing is going to freakishly suddenly die on me. So here's what's up.

I'm going to start livestreaming again. I'll post on twitter (link at bottom of journal) and hour or so before I go live. I'll probably also post either a journal or -in FA's case- a quick image announcing the stream. So if you wanna hang in the chat and watch me work, cool. All I ask is no spamming and keep it clean.

There is also a good chance I will do commission streams. I'm working out the details as to how I'd like to run them, but I'm pretty sure the're something I'll be doing. Essentially I'm gonna keep it simple and offer flat rate commissions that don't take days to complete. If you buy one during the stream, you'll get to see it create it start to finish in that stream. Course there'd be a limited queue of probably around 5 at a time so I don't overload myself.

Commission information journal...
I'll be writing and posting one here and on FA - since I haven't posted one there yet either. I'm thinking I should be able to get it up this weekend. I've already made some tweaks to policy wording, so it's a bit more clear, over on my site (again, link in the bottom of journal).

For FA and Weasyl the commission information might get broken into two different journals so that it's easier for me to make tweaks later on if needed. But we'll see how it goes when I type it up. On DA it'll still be all one journal, but I do need to make some updates to the one I have currently posted there.

Other than that...
There is much to cover. I'm still working on an animation thing. I'm kinda stuck in the early stages of it thanks to having to restart and suddenly over thinking the character design and animation style. But I'm gonna snap myself out of that and get it done. I'm gonna be a crazy person and set a deadline! Haha.

Other than that, I'm looking into doing a few simple Let's Plays or something on the side in between everything else just to give me something else to do that's purely for fun and doesn't feel like work. We'll see how that goes.

Happy Valentine's Day and Bulk Chocolate day!


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Future Livestreaming, Commission stuff, and stuff.


14 February 2014 at 00:09:17 MST

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