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With my next step in getting my own place two days away, and a lack of being scheduled for work except for Thursday this week (I thought that'd end when I was fired from BK? ._.), I have a sense of how to further feel like I'm doing something with my life. I think... sometime last year (can't remember precisely how long ago, and too lazy to look it up while writing this), I had said I wanted to make an RPG. Except... that's what I'd been holding back on for upward to two or three years. Long story short, I do not think I am quite able to complete an actual computer game, let alone start one.

So where does this leave my creativity? Well, for one thing, I feel that RPG Maker is too restrictive for me. In order to get the game exactly how I see it, I'd have to make a boatload of original resources (character sprites being the hardest for me, which'd make up most of the game's important graphics IMO -_-). On top of that, I don't feel I could work for what' would feel like (and possibly turn out to be) months on end to get so much as a demo up. Finally, I would need to utilize a bunch of scripts in order to get that exact feel I wanted for an RPG as of late -- a throwback to classic computer RPG series, like Wizardry and The Bard's Tale.

In short, I don't think I could make an RPG, at least not by myself, and I lack the confidence at this point to form a team of people who could handle my shortcomings as a game maker. What I do know is that I can draw, and I'm at least a half-decent writer if I put my mind to it. So to get to the point? I think I know what I want to do with my creative juices.

I want to create a webcomic. My goal is to tell an ongoing story inspired by those aforementioned computer RPGs of old. I've got the main characters devised, as well as a simple idea of a few setting bits. It'll take more planning, I realize, but I feel I can get out there and do something with my free time that would be meaningful to me. I'll be straight with you folks: it's most likely not going to involve my kink work. Still, when I finish enough buffer pages to start posting online, I shall share the link to the site for anyone interested. If anyone cares, I can even give in-development insights to what I'm up to.

At the end of this blog post, I wish to ask: is there any advice anyone could provide for this endeavor (I know a couple of comic writers on Eka's)? Shall I provide info on what I'm cooking up? Questions? Comments? Concerns? Lay whatever you wish to address on me, and wish me luck!

PS: The Wizardry OVA movie rocked my socks off. It definitely helped me decide on what kind of comic I wanted to do, and I intend to go for a feel like in that anime flick. ^_-

A New Project of Mine


11 February 2014 at 00:42:55 MST

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