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Commissions Open! by CinamonCune

Hey guys ~

After deciding for a bit and getting some comments from you guys, I finally decided to open commissions again!

I do need the money and am trying to save up haha. WOOPS.

You can check my page to see the options offered plus prices!

Atm, I'm offering:

-Weasyl Banners
-Simple Avatars/icons

If you have any questions or are interested, just message me! :3

Commission Slots: (if slots are full, commissions will close until there are spaces again)
1) pocketgear -Finished!
2) socksthesneaky -Finished!
3) socksthesneaky -Finished!

Commissions Open!


9 February 2014 at 22:36:28 MST

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    Good luck, Cinna! You will get many commish! If I had extra money I would spend it all on you! OuO

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      NOO KAT- save your moneyy! I'll draw all the things for youuu..

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    gah! a weasyl banner sounds awesome but idk what I'd get xD

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      Haha =v= / Take your timeeeeeee

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    Could you do a character head or chibi for the simple icon? If it was greatly simplified? : >

    • Link

      Of coure! I forgot to mention that usually the simple icons would be just the headshot 'v' but I could fit a wholebody maybe!

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        Oh cool. I'd like a headshot one. First I wanted to know though, could I get a couple one, or is this just singles? : > Like, two connected icons, of the characters nuzzling cheeks?

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        Never mind that last question, I just want a single! I'll go note you info. : )

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    Could be interrested in icons :3! I just need to see if I want 2 or 3 of thems thought! Depending if my friend have a scanned ref of his character yet

    • Link

      Ahhh okie! 'v' / Get those refs in soooonnnn- hehehe

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        Going to scan + note you details XD

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    Nah, I know you offer only Avatars and banners at the moment, but I want to ask, if you also would offer Chibi Linearts now or later?
    Your Chibis are one of the cuttest in the world and I really would like to try to color lines from you. :3

    • Link

      Haha, I might be offering line-arts later on. 'v' but for now it'll be weasyl banners and icons!!

      • Link

        Okay, thanks for the information. x3