Power and internet is out ): by Rooc

//EDIT// Power is back on - for now!

It kicked off 3 hours ago. My parents are trying to get the generator working but it's not functioning like it should (seriously we've had the worse luck with generators - they sent this one in to get fixed and it's still not right). The internet just kicked on so I'm making this journal real quick as a heads up.

Bleh. Snow.

Power and internet is out ):


9 February 2014 at 14:20:33 MST

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    I know how you feel! With all this freak snowstorm bullshit here in Toronto and those damn transformers exploding and knocking all the power out randomly for the past two months, And now my entire building's power is going out for the day on Tuesday. Not looking forward to that. Better charge my 3DS. v_v

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      Oh wow that's terrible 0.0 Stay warm up there!

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    oh noes!! I hope everything is resolved quickly!

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      Luckily the power came back on earlier whew I was so not ready to do that again haha.

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    Gah. Well, stay warm and hope that your folks get the generator going. Hope the carb's not all frozen up. :/

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      Well luckily the power came back on, which is kinda odd since it usually goes down for a few days every winter :x But the generator is still borked - it'll power the lights but not the water pump, go figure. We have no clue what's up with it :/

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        Could just be getting older. Things like pumps require a surge of energy to start them, and the ability to provide a surge slowly diminishes with time on a generator as it wears down. Could just be that it's a few hundred watts short on surge ability now.