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Weasyl, FA, DA ? My decision on cross-posting by Rimou

The recent massive exodus from FA to Weasyl made me rethink about what I was doing regarding Weasyl.
Some weeks before the drama thing on FA, I was already considering watching artists on Weasyl only rather than on FA then.
When the mega shit storm passed, I was kinda amused and that was all.
The thing that catched my attention is the fact that so many artists I watch were sharing their Weasyl page's link after this massive exodus episode.
Then I thought it was now useless to post on both FA and Weasyl as their was some kind of the same public at two different places.
But after discussing this with some furiends, it seems that many people choosed to stay on FA and some rare people decided to stop FA to post on Weasyl only.

So it made me rethink about my own organization regarding posting on those websites and more.
I thought about coming back to my old english+french description picture upload process, posting on FA, Weasyl and DA the same way.
"The larger the better" :)

Now, I'll be posting the same thing on FA, DA and Weasyl because I want people to get a chance to see my work and not missing a part of the fun.

Other places where you can find me :

Weasyl, FA, DA ? My decision on cross-posting


9 February 2014 at 06:19:33 MST

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