What's firekitty up to? [FA crosspost] by firekitty

Trying to keep everything together!

Been working my full time job. Once home, I've been trying to keep motivated on art. I have quite a bit of art I'm working on that sadly, I can't post yet! That is the downside of NDAs...

I'm really hoping that you will enjoy them once they are released though! I'm having a bit of fun pushing myself on them. I like to think that maybe I've grown a little bit as an artist while working on things.

And then there's the rougher stuff....
I'm still dealing with some personal issues, which is never fun. And relationships are such a delicate thing at times...
Speaking of delicate, there's also my dog.

She was a little more congested than usual the last few nights. Lost a bit of weight (4 pounds to 3.5 @_@). She was a little purple too, so I figured I'd nip things in the bud and take her in for her usual pneumonia fussing yesterday. Caught it early enough that I didn't need to x-ray her this time. She actually didn't sound too bad at all to the vet. So since she was due for bloodwork, we went ahead and did that instead. Results come in nice and speedy, so I got her results this morning.

Her liver is fucked up.
How she's doing so well? We have no idea. Her values were a mess. One ultrasound later, her liver seems to look okay. A bit enlarged, but no masses or funny stuff.... her gallbladder is a bit pissed off, which might be what's making her liver so angry. The real shock though is a mass on her spleen. So far that's not causing trouble, so we're leaving it alone till her liver issue balances out... But this is frustrating as hell.

It's always something with my little girl. She's such a trooper though ♥ ;u;

Hopefully, I'll be able to open some commissions soon... This has taken a large chunk of my savings. I just need to clear out some of the NDA work first so I can feel comfortable working on other commissions. Might consider doing some little donation images to offer up...not quite sure yet. I still have my tip link up at: http://sta.sh/0qycvs07rfi But I hate feeling like a beggar. =_=;;

Eventually... I will get a break and some time to relax. But at this rate I'll just rest when I'm dead. lol. No more little mini-vacation for me.

What's firekitty up to? [FA crosspost]


8 February 2014 at 01:15:31 MST

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    Awww. I'm sorry to hear that about your little Ashley, she's so adorable. Hopefully other things will be going better, been wanting to have you guys come over and hang out at Musha and enjoy delicious foods and plum wine. But I know the situation makes it difficult financially.