Single's Awareness Day Special by MeaKitty


So, I've seen far too many Valentine's Auctions and not enough Single's Awareness Day ones. So I thought I'd flip the tables a bit... meet Nate, my boyfriend. Yes he's taken, but that's not going to stop us. I want to loan him out for one gorgeous night to someone who doesn't have a significant other.

He's willing to take you on a date to anywhere you would like to go, or he'd be just as happy to stay at home and hang with you. Whatever you want. The choice is up to you, if you have the winning bid you get to chose the location and I assure you Nate will make sure you have a wonderful time.

Also, just so you know, Nate's Bi so this isn't just open for the ladies, ANYONE can take him off my (loving) hands.

I'm gonna start at $10, and we'll see how we go from there, Nate's paying for everything else so don't worry if the bidding gets a little high for your budget, the night is all on him.

[Auction] Single's Awareness Day: Win a Date with Nate. FA: and Weasyl - Ends 11th Feb


Single's Awareness Day Special


8 February 2014 at 00:48:11 MST

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