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So I finally took the plunge yet again and decided to make a sketchbook thread here on weasyl. It can also be found on my facebook page as a gallery.
I guess... just to get me back to posting more often, though I find it such a burden... to scan all my random drawings.
Ones I probably wont touch again, studies of things I want to draw. Are people interested in this stuff? Apparently so, though i am not sure if I will continue more then 1 month. I'll try it out and see.
I'm really not one of those people who enjoys posting often, I mean, I have to make time to do this, time I could be spending drawing something great, you know?
How do you feel about posting your artwork in the sketchbook area?

heres mine if you want a peek.



6 February 2014 at 13:47:09 MST

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    I'm nervous as hell, honestly. But I feel like I have to do it in order to get better. I probably won't do it for everything. Probably when I first study something, then a few studies later post it to keep track of my progress and see if anyone else can pick something out. Sometimes you just...need another set of eyes after you've been looking at something for so long, you know?

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      Don't be nervous! As you said feedback is great ad can really help you get better!

      however I rely more on using the critique method for such things as my studies and sketches look nothing like my finished work... not even close. I get an idea of the shape, the design, sometimes hardly any lines, sometimes more then anyone other then me knows what they are looking at. I don't know really sometimes I feel like its a waste of time to post such things but I know what you mean.

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    I hate my sketches but I feel obligated to post them sometimes? It's weird. I certainly don't like seeing them in my submissions but…I don't know.

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      Hmm well I can certainly understand that... Like the sketch is not what I want everyone to look at, I want them to see the finished product you know?
      I feel like my time is better spent drawing then scanning and posting random studies which nobody really needs to see. Unless I'm in the crit forum... but then there is a reason!

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    The sketchbook section is one of the best things about the forum imo. I post there more often than I do even on here, as I think more finished & polished work should be left for the main page; doodles & sketches for the thread. It's great watching people progress, and offers a chance for people to critique others, thus giving a chance for the thread starter to improve.

    During the sketch phase is when you get to see how the artist was thinking, all in it's raw glory! Depending on how someone does LA, the feel could be lost in the transition.

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      O I totally agree about having the main page for finished products, and yes it is interesting to see others work in the process. However I feel like what I am thinking is not interesting for others. My sketches and base ideas... well they are simple of confusing for most other people to look at. Boring I guess. I don't know how I feel about it. I guess I think its boring because i do it all the time? I'll see how it goes :)