Concerns about Maltese Fur Con by Cyan Glaciertooth

I did some research on a few things relating to Maltese fur Con, and I've grown concerned about how this con will be run. First of all, let me state that I'm not labeling MFC as a scam in any way. However, I'm still concerned as to how MFC is being organized. I just want everyone who plans on attending to BE CAREFUL on making plans to attend.

On the MFC website a while back, the convention was said to be hosted somewhere in Boston's Theater District. I went to visit a few hotels in that area to ask if MFC will be taking place there. The responses I've received were that they were approached by MFC staff on proposing a convention there, but no contract was signed, yet.

It was later announced that the convention was going to take place at the Hilton Hotel near Logan Airport. That's not in the Theater District. Anyway, I went to visit that hotel to ask if MFC will take place there. Again, MFC staff proposed to have a con there, but no contract was signed there, either.

I also sent the con-chair, Rourkie a note last Saturday night on if the contract with the Hilton at Logan Airport has been signed, yet. I haven't gotten a response.

Other things about my investigation on this, I talked with Rourkie's former roommate, Bazilpup about the con. He says that knowing Rourkie, he has a habit of getting ahead of himself (which could explain why the venue for MFC was said to be confirmed, but is not yet confirmed). Bazil even says that he won't pre-register, but may register on site if the con is going to happen.

There are other things that I could share about my investigation, but I think this would be enough to raise the warning flag that this con will either be poorly-organized, or a canceled project in the making.

I was really excited when I found out about a fur con coming to Boston (and was surprised at a few things about it). But now, I'm worried. I'd hate to play the pessimist card, but with what I've seen so far, this might wind up being a disappoint.

Again, I just want to advise those who plan on attending to BE CAREFUL, and see how things work out.

Concerns about Maltese Fur Con

Cyan Glaciertooth

2 February 2014 at 17:42:09 MST

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