OC Ask Thing by xXJewelynXx

Sparta told me to do it so I am

Pick one of my characters and drop me some numbers, you can also just put a fandom, since I have an OC for everything and havent posted many.

Draw your OC!
Most prominent features?
Your very first OC?
Your favourite OC?
Your least favourite?
How about where they live?
Do they have a pet?
How about their hobby?
A weird quirk?
A talent?
Draw your OC with a silly face!
Draw your OC with their friends!
Backstory to one of your characters!
Is your OC neat or messy?
Favourite food?
Goals or ambition
Pick a random fact!
Does your OC have a motto?

(No promises on drawing everything)

OC Ask Thing


30 January 2014 at 16:00:37 MST

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    First OC and favorite OC and their backstories :D

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    First OC: The first one I used a lot was Sugarspaz Pawtina Hatake, my horrible, terrile Mary Sue character for Naruto.
    Strap yourself in, your in for a bumpy ride with her story.

    Sugarspaz is a half fox, with looooooooooong red hair with black types. She is very hyperactive, and loving and caring. She has the '3 tailed fox' sealed inside her. She is also realted to like, half the village. (Im serious, I pulled some batshit crazy family tree, she's related to like 2 maybe 3 hokages, kakashi, tsunade, and some others.) She used to date Sasuke and now she dates Shikamaru. Also everyone in the village loves her, she's friends with everyone, and she's inline to be the next Hokage. Also she leans towards using elemental jutsu's. (I love her but I know she is a train wreck)

    My favorite OC? Shit that switches a lot, my mains are Julian, Ramona, Regina and Vivian
    uuuuh I guess Ill go with Vivian, since she's my most like, I cant find the word, but I like her alot.

    Vivan Evangeline Sparks, Make that /Doctor/ Vivian Evangeline Sparks, or just Dr. Sparks for short. Vivian is a 30 year old inventor and scientist, with 3 working automatons, well, working is used very lightly. each of them has a few little, well, flaws about them. The left side of her face, and her entire jaw was broken due to an attack by one of her robots, Treble (who is stina's character) so now its encased in metal, and her left eye is missing from a lab explosion, which also landed her some metal side panels along her ribs on the left.
    Growing up Vivian was very popular, she was pretty, had good wit, and never let anyone walk all over her. Se never kept boyfriends for long, dumping them within a few days because they bored her or just ended up not being her type. Her freshman year of college she started dating a boy named Mark, and they would go out for 3 years.
    She attended school in California, in San Diego, which is quite a distance from where she comes from in the midwest. She went to school alongside Peter A Walter VI, and they became friends. She met Peter and started dating Mark when she was 20. 3, hapy years later, Vivian had one robot completed and another in the works. Treble would go on to attack her mid-completion. She was saved by her already completed robot ARI (Alternate Reality Interface, Emily's character). The physical effects this attack took on her caused her boyfriend to break up with her (due to being a superficial asshole) and Peter was the only friend that stayed close.
    Currently, due to another accident in her current lab, She is staying at the Walter residence with her good friend, and with the help of the Walter bots, is learning to trust robots again, and to learn they are more than just their mechanical parts.

    Also Vivian is my Ode to feminism. Her parents said she couldnt be a scientist becauseshe was a female, as do many others in her field. She goes on to say fuck you to them by creating 3 working automotans and other inventions, all while looking favulous in her high heels. She takes no ones shit.